Research Values

The breadth and depth of PSRAI resources and research makes it one of the leading survey firms in the world. Here are the touchstone values of PSRAI that guide our work around the world:


PSRAI maintains its independence and credibility on all issues of public debate. We do not work for political candidates or parties.


PSRAI is an acknowledged leader in research around the world. We have conducted surveys in 76 countries and 95 languages and dialects in the past three years.


A creative approach to each project is a hallmark of PSRAI work. For each client, we bring a fresh, innovative approach to the research design.


Each PSRAI project uses methodologically-sound procedures appropriate to the task. The judgment of senior PSRAI managers is part of every project.


From question design to data collection and data processing, our focus is on precision achieved through careful supervision of each step.


PSRAI translates reams of numbers to useful information with sophisticated data analysis using advanced statistical techniques.


Clients rely on PSRAI for engaging, insightful reports that provide clear and unbiased analysis of the essential facts of the research. Our reports are crafted for each specific audience, whether that is the public, the news media or a small group of decision-makers.


Working closely with each client to achieve the client’s research goal is what we do every day, even as those goals change.



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