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When the research makes a difference, in your community or around the world, Princeton Survey Research Associates International is the company to do it.

From multi-country surveys in many languages around the globe to a study of just one county in North Carolina, PSRAI tackles each research project with commitment, professionalism and a dedication to excellence. Our breadth and depth of experience, skill and imagination makes PSRAI one of the leading survey firms in the world.

PSRAI is an independent firm dedicated to high-quality research providing reliable, valid results for clients in the United States and around the world. PSRAI offers innovative research design, methodologically-sound procedures, careful supervision of data collection, sophisticated data analysis and clear, insightful and engaging reports.

We conduct surveys by telephone, mail, personal interview and online. From offices in Princeton, N.J. and Washington, D.C., PSRAI is known for its unrivaled attention to clients’ needs and to delivering the research they need.

Whether the goal is to track the opinions of the public at large, or to evaluate the impact of specific programs and policies, we know how to meet research objectives. If it is a one-time survey or tracking voters day in and day out for months, PSRAI has the experience and the skills to make each project successful. Some projects are long-term surveys with months of planning and preparation. But we are also experienced and ready to react quickly to events, such as the horrors of 9/11 or the start of the war in Iraq, to bring the tools of professional research to understanding the impact of events that change history.

We create innovative sample designs to facilitate surveys of hard-to-reach populations at affordable prices and sophisticated weighting procedures to deal with the realties of data collection.

PSRAI has extensive experience in conducting surveys in more than 75 countries around the world - from the United States and Canada to South and Central America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

PSRAI conducts surveys of elites, including corporate executives, Cabinet officers and other government officials, journalists, doctors and lawyers. 

PSRAI manages each step of the research with a commitment to quality. Our data processing is meticulous. Our statistical analyses are appropriate, creative and revealing.

PSRAI is committed to clear and unbiased analysis that reveals the essential facts of each research issue. PSRAI is skilled at integrating research results into reports and presentations in print and online. We excel at communicating research results clearly and persuasively to a variety of audiences, in person or through the news media.

With long experience in research, the PSRAI staff brings remarkable expertise across a sweeping list of topics to bear on each new effort.

Areas of Expertise

Aging and Retirement

PSRAI has done innovative research on aging and retirement for a variety of clients over the years. From groundbreaking work linking the attitudes across generations in families to oft-mentioned examinations of the public understanding of and preparations for retirement, we have delivered for the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, Americans Discuss Social Security and the Pew Research Center. PSRAI has conducted three waves of surveys for AARP on the status, satisfaction and hopes of Baby Boomers.

Children and the family

Children and families are a prime focus of work at PSRAI, in all the many incarnations and complexities that families offer. From researching how parents and teens talk about sex to how they talked about the tragedy at Columbine, PSRAI knows how to design surveys that face tough topics. Our work has included path-breaking studies of how the parents of children under the age of 6 introduce, monitor and control (or not) their youngest ones’ first explorations of the media, from television to the internet.

Communities and Civic Values

For the Knight Foundation, PSRAI designed and managed multiple waves of surveys covering 26 communities and the country at large, providing an exceptional tool for decision-making, evaluation and understanding of the communities individually and as a whole. The surveys, designed to help the foundation set its priorities for funding and to evaluate the impact of that funding, community by community, on social capital and civic values.

Elections and Politics

PSRAI is one of the best-known and most-respected sources of research on American elections and politics. We conduct oft-quoted polls on politics for Newsweek magazine and the Pew Research Center in election and non-election years. We managed the massive 2000 campaign tracking study for the Annenberg Public Policy Center, including more than 100,000 interviews. Our staff includes nationally recognized experts on politics and elections, some of who serve as consultants to NBC News for election decision-making and analysis. After the presidential election furor of 2000, PSRAI designed and executed a survey of state election officials about the impact of the controversy and promises of reform. Our surveys have repeatedly broken new ground, whether with research showing young voters actually do register to vote quickly or with an online survey of the key supporters of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign.


For The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we designed and executed a complex four-wave evaluation study in four cities, gauging the impact of a major public service campaign directed at getting Baby Boomers to become more physically active. For AmeriCorps and the Urban Institute, we have executed annual waves of multipart surveys, assessing how AmeriCorps is meeting its goals. For the Kaiser Family Foundation, we have designed surveys to evaluate their public service efforts to inform teenagers about sexually transmitted diseases, to evaluate the impact on the public’s knowledge of particular health stories in NBC ER television show and to judge the impact of public service announcements about HIV/AIDS on MTV.

Global Research

PSRAI is respected around the world as a research organization that designs and executes complex, high-quality research across countries and across continents. We have conducted surveys in more than 75 countries in more than 95 languages and dialects. Through such work, we have developed a worldwide network of partner research firms to achieve remarkably difficult results in a remarkably efficient ways. For the Pew Global Attitudes project, PSRAI has designed multiple waves of surveys that have examined everyday life around the world, the impact of globalization, the appeal of and worries about democracy in many countries. For the World Bank, PSRAI has interviewed government officials and local leaders around the world about international development issues.

Government and Democracy

Government, the institutions of government at all levels and democracy itself have long been a key interest at PSRAI. From the groundbreaking surveys on trust in government for the Pew Research Center to studies of the health of public service in America for the Brookings Institution, PSRAI has conducted research into almost every aspect of government. We have interviewed presidential appointees about the rigors of the Senate confirmation process and state legislators about the challenges of democracy at that level. From the impact of e-government, to the impact of polls on policy, to experts’ judgments of the 50 greatest government programs, our work has made its mark. With surveys on education, with human services workers, and with federal workers, we have covered the key issues of government from every angle.

Healthcare and Medicine

From the founding of the company in 1988, research into health, medical care and paying for it all have been a focus and an expertise. For the Commonwealth Fund, Kaiser Family Foundation, Duke University, Georgetown University and California Health Care Foundation, we have explored the state of health care in America, both for the country as a whole and for sub-groups – ranging from women to those in a single county. Our research has explicated the public’s understanding and misunderstanding of health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, AIDS/HIV, minority health and sex education. For professional medical associations, we have interviewed their members about their practices and their plans. From national studies to local studies looking just at Durham, N.C., and Washington, D.C., PSRAI has covered the issue of racial disparities in health care. In a multiyear series of studies, PSRAI has documented, explored and explicated the impact of direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising.


PSRAI is known as one of the leaders in the study of the internet, with all its ramifications. We conceived, designed and executed the fundamental research on the impact of the internet on America that is now the most respected and most quoted source of facts on that topic. The surveys for the Pew Internet and American Life project form the bedrock of our understanding of the internet. For the Kaiser Family Foundation, we have studied how seniors use the internet for health care information. For Consumers Union WebWatch, we designed and executed research that laid the groundwork for their work on building credibility and trust online.

Life in America and in the States

From quality of life to religion to racism, PSRAI has conducted well-regarded research on life in America and in the states. We have done in-depth statewide surveys at the state level for MassINC in Massachusetts and IssuesPA in Pennsylvania. Our surveys on telemarketing fraud led to major changes in government regulation. We have delved deeply into religious issues for Catholic University, Notre Dame University and the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. We have looked at racism in the society at large and the implications of racism in the healthcare community. During the boom, we designed a major research project for the Heinz Foundation, focusing on discontent beneath the boom, looking at the lack of satisfaction that Americans were achieving from work and leisure, even as people were feeling better off financially.

Media and Journalism

PSRAI have conducted extensive research about the news, about the news media and with journalists themselves. Every two years, the Pew Research Center media study sets the benchmark for Americans’ use of and thoughts about the news media. Our surveys of journalists have found deep disquiet in the professional about the trends of more and faster work, with fewer resources. The national journalists’ survey on newsroom training laid the groundwork for a $10 million Knight program to improve journalists’ training. The Project for Excellence in Journalism has won numerous awards with the help of media analysis by PSRAI.

Nonprofits and Charitable Giving

The nonprofit sector of American life has come in for increasing scrutiny in recent years and PSRAI has played a leading role in researching its strengths and weaknesses. For the Brookings Institution, PSRAI research laid out the  public’s trust, and lack of trust, in charitable organizations. For the Better Business Bureau, our studies explored what donors want to know before they give to a charity. We have examined the impact of technology on nonprofits for the Cisco Foundation. We have studied the management capacity at nonprofits and in religious groups for the Urban Institute.

The Arts and Culture

The role of the arts and culture in society is a complex issue to research, for even the terms have different meanings for different audiences. PSRAI has studied the genesis of the interest in arts and culture from one’s upbringing for the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Heinz Foundation. We have researched perceptions of arts and the various levels and types of participation by the public in the arts and cultural activities for a variety of clients. And we have explored the differences among racial groups in perceptions of cultural opportunities.



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