About Surveys

So why should you participate in a survey?

The reason is simple: because surveys can help everyone, including you and your family.

Knowing what people think and do helps everyone make better decisions. Businesses can make better decisions by knowing what people want and what people do not want. Professionals, such as doctors, make better decisions because surveys provide them with critical information about what works and what does not. Government at all levels can make better decision because surveys provide hard data on where the country, the state and the community are today.

Why you?

Because your opinion counts.

The opinions of every single person selected for our surveys are important, because it is important that the research reflect your opinions, your beliefs, your needs. Indeed, in most surveys, you are speaking for thousands of others or more, by giving us your views.

Protecting your privacy

Each and every opinion, belief and piece of information you tell us is kept completely confidential. In keeping with the ethical rules of our profession, we never reveal your identity or any information that could specifically identify you to anyone outside PSRAI. Only when we have specifically asked you for permission to share your individual information with someone else – including the people paying for the research – and you have given us permission will any information about you be shared.

No Sales Pitches

We do not, ever, try to sell anything to anyone participating in our surveys. We are in the business of asking questions and collecting information. On behalf of our clients, all we are asking of you is a little of your time, your knowledge and your wisdom.



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